Student theses

Master’s theses





Juratović, Vladimir

Control system for check valves

Lončar, Dražen

Ćulić, Luka

Validation of the Harmonic Balance solver for turbomachinery start-up and shut-down simulations

Jasak, Hrvoje

Batistić, Ivan

Design of impeller and spiral casing of high specific speed radial pump

Tuković, Željko

Škrapić, Filip

Viable Operating Regimes of Flexible Thermal Power Plant

Lončar, Dražen

Ćeranić, Anja

Heat demand mapping and the analysis of the impact of building refurbishment on the potential for the expansion of district heating

Pukšec, Tomislav

Vale, Carlo

Techno-economic analysis of solar district heating plant with sessional heat storage in Zaprešić

Krajačić, Goran

Jelić, Tin

Steam turbine of solar thermal power plant

Guzović, Zvonimir

Ivačić, Mirko

Optimization of the combined cogeneration plant in order to achieve high efficiency criteria

Schneider, Daniel Rolph

Crvelin, Mihovil Jakov

Comparison of classic combined power plant and combined power plant with water injection

Čehil, Mislav

Budić, Roko

Impact of regenerative preheating on operating flexibility

Lončar, Dražen

Bajac, Jurica

Numerical analysis of flow through water wheel

Tuković, Željko

Jovan, Ivica

Wind Load Computations of a Offshore Floating Object

Jasak, Hrvoje


Šutalo, Zvonimir

The application of the biorefinery concept to increase the efficiency and economic viability of the sugar factory

Duić, Neven

Išek, Marko

Superheated Steam Pressure and Temperature Control Dynamics

Lončar, Dražen

Volarić, Filip

Validation of Rigid Body Motion and Computational Fluid Dynamics in Spectral Space

Jasak, Hrvoje

Varga, Josip

Mathematical modeling of gas turbine power plants

Čehil, Mislav

Jugović, Antun

Modeling of combined Brayton-Organic Rankine cycle system

Čehil, Mislav

Burić, Ivan

Role of Energy Cooperatives and Communities in the Solarisation of the Croatian Islands

Krajačić, Goran

Tomašević, Matija

Calculation of the cogeneration plant on woody biomass

Schneider, Daniel Rolph

Stanić, Tomislav

Mathematical model of liquid petroleum gas automobile system

Čehil, Mislav

Pavlinek, Luka

Techno-economic analysis of the integration of renewable energy sources and the transport sector in the energy network of island systems

Duić, Neven

Lovrak, Ana

Heat demand mapping and energy planning with a focus on district heating-case study for the city of Zagreb

Duić, Neven

Begić, Tomislav

Mathematical model of thermal power plant ‘TE-TO Zagreb’

Čehil, Mislav

Cerinski, Damijan

Numerical modelling of spray and combustion processes in a jet engine combustion chamber

Vujanović, Milan

Majdandžić, Mario

Solarization of the Republic of Croatia

Krajačić, Goran

Bartolec, Bruno

Numerical Simulation of the Flow in a Multi-Stage Axial Compressor

Jasak, Hrvoje

Šeb, Borna

Numerical Characterisation of a Ship Propeller

Jasak, Hrvoje

Žužul, Josip

Numerical evaluation of the performance curve for the NASA Rotor 67

Jasak, Hrvoje

Šutalo, Filip

Evaluation of variants of enhanced wall treatment wall function in turbulent flow simulations

Jasak, Hrvoje

Bilan, Marko

Design of raw water treatment water

Juretić, Hrvoje

Šojat, Borna

Development of an automated process for turbine blade optimisation

Jasak, Hrvoje

Wolff, Daniel

Numerical analysis of HULA seal performance

Tuković, Željko

Polarecki, Matija

Thermodynamic analysis of refinery energy part

Schneider, Daniel Rolph

Dobravec, Viktorija

Bottom-up planning of local energy system

Krajačić, Goran; Schrøder Pedersen, Allan


Jurić, Filip

Numerical modelling of spray and combustion process

Vujanović, Milan

Barta, Marija

Optimization of natural organic matter degradation by UV-based processes

Juretić, Hrvoje; Cajner, Hrvoje

Krmelić, Nikola

Mathematical model of power plant Sisak gas turbine

Čehil, Mislav

Slunjski, Mihael

Mathematical model of a cogeneration plant fuelled by RDF

Schneider, Daniel Rolph

Rohlik, Petar

Biowaste utilization for biomethane production

Duić, Neven

Rajaković, Zoran

Mathematical model of unit K of power plant “TE-TO Zagreb”

Čehil, Mislav

Prajdić, Slaven

Analysis of heat between neighboring apartments in a residental building

Čehil, Mislav

Martinjak, Matija

Numerical simulation of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system

Vujanović, Milan

Bešenić, Tibor

Implementation and Validation of the Two-Potential Electrolyte Assembly Equations in the Computational Fuel Cell Model

Jasak, Hrvoje

Horvat, Marko

A study of rotor-stator interaction models for numerical performance prediction of centrifugal pumps

Jasak, Hrvoje

Dorotić, Hrvoje

Techno-economic analysis of the implementation of a biomass district heating system in the City of Ogulin

Duić, Neven

Bila, Filip

Application of vacuum membrane in the treatment of textile wastewater

Dobrović, Slaven

Larma, Marijana

Application of digital image correlation to determine mode partitioning in mixed-mode fracture of composite structure

Tuković, Željko; Ivanković, Alojz

Žiher, Ante

Analysis of the suitability of different firewood species in the form of wood chips as a fuel for small and medium boilers

Ljubas, Davor

Pavičević, Matija

Utilization of heat storage for the increase of the efficiency and economic viability of district heating

Duić, Neven

Hlušička, Alex

Ozonation pretreatment of groundwater rich in humic substances

Juretić, Hrvoje

Doračić, Borna

Reapplication model for planning, development and integration of Smart district heating systems in Smart energy system

Vad Mathiesen, Brian; Krajačić, Goran