Ankica Đukić presented her hydrogen bicycle

Assistant professor Ankica Đukić, head of the Power Engineering Laboratory has presented the first Croatian hydrogen bicycle. The system is built upon an ordinary pedal-driven bicycle with the addition of an electric motor. The battery of the motor is replaced by the energy source based on hydrogen: the benefit is a longer range compared to a bicycle equipped with a classical battery and faster charging.

The system weighs 33 kilograms, and the investment is estimated at 12 000 EUR (the bicycle costs 2000 EUR and the hydrogen system constructed at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture costs approximately 10 000 EUR). The range of the bicycle is 120 kilometers, with only pure water and heat as by-products. The project is the continuation of Đukić’s PhD thesis (Hydrogen production via water electrolysis using solar energy and photovoltaic module, 2014).

After a short presentation in the Teachers’ club at the Faculty, the bicycle was available for a test ride.

Ankica i njezin bicikl na vodik